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At Fresh we have comprehensive business advisory experience from assisting with a company's vision and strategy, helping draft the business plan, solving operational issues and raising business finance.


Strategic Services

Running your business without a strategy is like driving a car without a planned destination. However, market research indicates that 82% of SMEs do not have a strategy. In our experience, the most successful businesses have a clear vision and joined-up strategic thinking, which all owners/managers have bought in to.

The owners’ personal plans have been aligned as part of this process. The strategy is broken down into manageable steps, which are bench-marked and responsibility is allocated within the management team.

It is essential that progress with the strategic steps is regularly reviewed by management, so there is real accountability in ensuring the strategy is driven through the business.

At Fresh we can work closely with the management team to review their current vision, strategy and how far they have progressed. If significant change is required, we work closely with the management team to review their current roles and how they are currently spending their time, as they will be crucial in ensuring the implementation of the changes are successfully implemented in the business.

We can help draft a financial business plan which underpins and demonstrates the financial benefit of the proposed strategy. It should ensure the business has sufficient control over cash flow and working capital, to ensure the business is financially stable at all stages of implementing the strategy.


Business Finance

Raising business finance can be challenging in any economic climate. Whether you need to raise finance for a new business or the expansion of an existing one, we can help you to find the right type of capital for the right price.

Drawing on a wide range of skills and expertise, Fresh will work with you to determine what mix of debt, mezzanine or equity funding to take on and the effect on your business and your cash flow.

We enjoy strong relationships with key providers of finance, including specialist finance teams within the major banks who provide leverage, asset finance and working capital funding. We also have in-depth relationships with private equity investors – institutional private equity.


Operational Efficiency

At Fresh we can work with our clients across all stages in their life-cycle – from businesses looking to deliver on their strategy and those encountering growing pains through to mature businesses looking to optimise their performance.

Our approach is tailored to your circumstances, practical, pragmatic and focused on EBITDA and cash improvement. 


Business Valuation

  We can provide  an independent view on the value of your business or its underlying sources of capital. Some of the most common reasons you may need a valuation include:

  • M&A / Transactions
  • Expert determination
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Investment Valuation
  • Corporate Restructurings
  • Fairness opinions
  • Solvency opinions

In each situation, we develop a thorough understanding of the business in order to build a detailed picture of its underlying drivers of value at both a macro and micro level. We use this knowledge to guide our valuation modelling in the context of the available market evidence.

We use commonly accepted valuation methods – typically market multiples and DCF – with a critical part of the process being corroboration of results derived from one method against those derived from another. The end goal is to produce a highly robust valuation that stands up to external scrutiny.

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