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At Fresh Legal we have the expertise to guide and advise our clients through the life-spans of their businesses right from their inception until their conclusion.

Starting a Business


Forming a business

At Fresh we can provide expert legal advice on whether you should form a limited company, LLP or general partnership. We can draft your shareholders agreements, partnership agreements or limited liability partnership agreements. We can assist with the legal issues surrounding choosing a business name, data protection and VAT registration. We can form the company at Companies House. We can also draft Family Charters for family owned businesses.


Recruiting new staff

Fresh can draft your employment contracts and Director Service Agreements. We can create your staff handbook with all the relevant policies, procedures and forms. We can draft a recruitment checklist and employee incentives such as employee share schemes or EMI share option plans.


Acquiring premises

We can guide you through the process of acquiring your premises, whether freehold or leasehold. We can draft funding documents such as guarantees, indemnities or rent deposits. We can advise on environmental issues and insurance.

Running a Business


Business ownership

At Fresh we can appoint Directors and deal with their resignations. We can draft resolutions and board minutes. We can do the legal work for share buy-backs, reducing capital and allocation of different classes of shares.


Commercial transactions

Fresh can draft distribution agreements, franchise agreements and sales agency agreements. We can advise on contracts and protecting confidential information. We can draft deeds of assignment and novation. We can draft either pro-customer or pro-supplier terms and conditions for the supply of goods and/or services.


Regulation & Compliance

Fresh can assist with all the legal drafting for data protection, environmental, health and safety, money laundering and product safety compliance.

Business events and milestones


Selling or leasing premises

We can deal with the sale of your premises and we can guide you through ending a lease whether by surrender, break notice, transfer or assignment.


Corporate transactions

Fresh has significant expertise in company share purchases or sales as well as asset acquisitions and sales. We can buy and sell partnerships and transfer a general partnership to an LLP.


Debt Finance

Fresh can draft all your debt finance documentation to include bonds, guarantees, indemnities and all documents needed to take security over property and/or shares.


Bringing in new investors

Fresh can deal with private equity buy-outs, investment agreements, allotting & issuing shares, disposal and acquisition of partnership interests and joint venture agreements.


Death or retirement

Fresh can advise on all the legal issues surrounding the death or retirement of a business owner.


Share buy-back/reduction of capital

Fresh can handle all the Companies House paperwork dealing with the reduction of share capital or share buy-backs.

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